Bird observations

Why do birdwatching?

The observation of birds is a magical pastime which can fill us with joy and enthusiasm. Birds have beautiful colours and songs and their behaviour is a pleasure to observe. They fill the world around us with beautiful sounds, and we can experience calmness and happiness while diving into their world.

Observing birds is simple and can be done by anyone, independent of age or physical condition. Birds are everywhere and we can easily see and hear them everywhere. Birdwatching is an activity which can be done alone or with friends or family, it gives us an opportunity to go out for a walk or enjoy nature in gardens and parks.

How do I start to observe birds?

What to have in mind:

  • It's best to stand or sit in a place where you can see and hear well. It's good to be slightly hidden so that the birds don't see us and are not scared.
  • Don't make any lound sounds or wild movements - the birds are easily scared
  • Don't scare the birds - and of course never harm them!
  • Wear comfortable clothes and avoid bright colours such as red and yellow

What do I need?

  • A guidebook which helps you to identify the birds
  • Paper and pencil to note down observations
  • Binoculars (if you have or can borrow from a friend or relative). These will help you to observe some characteristics of the birds. However, you can learn to observe many city birds without binoculars, too!
  • A camera (or phone with camera or phone to record bird voices) - this will allow you to get help from others in identifying your observations.

What do I carefully note down?

  • The place of observation
  • The date of observation
  • The species that I've seen and/or heard

When is the best time for observation?

The best time during the day are the morning hours and around dusk. During these hours the birds are most active because it's their feeding hour.  During noon their activity decreases, especially in summer. The best season to observe birds is springtime, as birds are busy finding partners and feeding their young. However, also during autumn and winter many birds can be observed. Pick a day with good weather conditions: avoid windy days and days with strong rain.

Where can I observe birds?

Birds are everywhere! Most species prefer areas with a bit of green, such as parks, squares with bushes and trees, gardens, fields, olive groves and other vegetated areas. Here they find shelter, places to build their nest and lots of food, such as seeds, insects and small invertebrates.