The Ornithopolis team

Sarah Faulwetter

Sarah is a biologist with a PhD in marine biodiversity and ecology, but she is also very interested in terrestrial biodiversity. In the Ornithopolis project she is involved in two main areas:

  • she participates in the educational seminars and birdwalks and makes sure that everyone's recordings end up in the right place
  • she is responsible for the data management of the museum collections, creates three-dimensional models of the bird specimens in the Zoological Museum and she has created the website of the museum.

Olga Tzortzakaki

Olga is a biologist with a PhD in ecology. She studies how changes in the environment can affect biodiversity, and especially birds and butterflies. Through her research she tries to answer questions such as:

  • How does urbanisation affect the animals living in and around cities?
  • Which measures do we need to take within our cities so that we can reduce the impact of human activities on biodiversity?


Popi Georgopoulou

Popi is a museologist and a PhD candidate focusing on didactics of natural sciences in archaeological museums. She designs permanent and temporary museum exhibitions, educational programmes and museum kits, so that vistors get a mental and emotional experience at the same time, through the authenticity of the tangible and intangible heritage, aw well as the natural environment. 

Sinos Giokas

Sinos Giokas is an Associate Professor studying the biodiversity and evolution of terrestrial animals in the Department of Biology of the University of Patras. He is the scientific advisor of Ornithopolis.