What is Ornithopolis?

What is "Ornithopolis"?

"Ornithopolis" is a scientific project which aims at bringing the citizens of Patras and scientists of the University of Patras together. Through small seminars and "bird walks" in the urban area of Patras, citizens learn to recognize the birds of the city and how to record their presence in a scientific way. Scientists and citizens are working side by side to study the bird diversity of the city, and at the same time we are enhancing our quality of life by feeling more connected to the hidden treasures of the nature around us!

Why are we doing this?

Ornithopolis has two major aims:

  • to enhance our knowledge about the birds in our city and to make us all more alert towards protecting biodiversity. Through getting to know the birds, their calls and their behaviour better, we get a better feeling for their needs within the city and can take measures to improve the environment and their lives (and ours!).
  • to collect scientific data that will help scientists to better study and understand the environmental factors that influence and disturb the bird species in a city. As a consequence, this can lead to a better city planning from which all its inhabitants (humans, animals and plants!) can benefit.