The Ornithopolis project has started!

The Ornithopolis project has started. Planned actions are bird watching tours with the citizens to explore the urban biodiversity of Patras and school activities.

The main goal of “Ornithopolis” is to investigate bird diversity and community composition in the urban environment of Patras and assess the environmental drivers that enhance bird communities in small green spaces (gardens, parks) by establishing a Citizen Science scheme. The infrastructure of the Zoological Museum of the University of Patras and modern technologies are used in order to create a virtual museum and to produce suitable educational material, for educational and public awareness purposes. “Ornithopolis” is expected to increase public awareness and engagement in environmental issues, and cultivate a positive relationship between society and nature. In parallel, the role of a traditional university museum in education and its connection with the society will be re-evaluated and upgraded.

Learn more about the birds living in our city!